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Post AGM Ride - Castle Grounds

July 24 2010
Location: Castle Grounds, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis

Craig, Steve, Errol and Gavin on Gallows Hill
Craig, Steve, Errol and Gavin on Gallows Hill

Tour de Castle Grounds

Following the news of the Stornoway Trusts successful bid for cycle trail funding, the HCC decided to kick start the club into action by holding an AGM on Saturday the 24th of July. It was good to see a mix of the old and the new with a lot of positives coming from those in attendance. 

Following the meeting Errol, Craig, Gavin and I went for a social spin in and around the Castle Grounds, showing Craig some of the natural single-track available. Errol moaned for approximately 30mins until his body acclimatised to riding, after which he eulogised for the next 2hrs about really enjoying the ride, as it was the first he’d had with company in some time.  Craig took the mantle of wheelie champion in his first outing, so the gauntlet is firmly laid down to Beasty the clubs other flat pedal specialist!

The trails have become a tad overgrown, but still rode well, and remain technically challenging to most riders, due to the volume of ducking, sliding and blind faith needed to complete them without a foot down. Trail building will officially start in September when Chris Harris starts in post as the Trusts Trail Manager/staff supervisor. Chris has a wealth of knowledge in upland trail building and is raring to get going, and get the project underway.


Gavin, Craig and Errol on Gallows Hill

Gavin, Craig and Errol on Gallows Hill

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