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Steve represents Hebridean Cycling Club at Ballater Cyclo Cross Event

13 November 2011

Steve makes a splash at Perth

It’s that time of year when things start to get a little barmy, you start drinking Duvel and gorging on frites and mayo for good measure. Cross season is now in full swing, so now armed with my new pimped race wheels I dragged the family over the Lecht pass at an uncivilized hour on Sunday morning, for my first cross race of the year at Cambus O’ May woods, east of Ballater. The temp leaving Dingwall was -5oC, but bright and sunny, and with only a slight hangover from my subdued birthday celebration (any age over 30 is simply part of the countdown!) I was committed to getting dirty.

We arrived at the wood in good time to see lots of pimped carbon rims and riders with spare bikes and even team cars, so as ever the sense that things are going to be painful crept over my mind.  Lots of warming up watching the vets race unfold with loads of puncture retirees due to the technical nature of the course was followed by the 30 sec call prior to the start, and as usual I was ill prepared. Bang – off we go, cross is rapid and it’s all out for the whole race (1 hour + 1 lap).  All was going,  Malina relayed I was running around 9th/30 going into lap 2.

Then coming to the end of lap two after passing a couple of riders I got a puncture at a natural ramp taken at pace. Lots of swearing followed as I declared my withdrawal as I knew I had no spare wheel. Then stepped in a hero who said he had a spare and to carry on to the pit area. 4 mins later I was off and chased the pack round for the next 5 laps passing 5-6 riders on the way, finally finishing in 15th. Respectable considering the flat and given it was my first cross race of the year, so in a fit of enthusiasm I have now signed up for the Scottish Champs to represent the mighty HCC.

On other matters, Chris and Pete have finished the Willowglen section of the trails, leaving the last bespoke bridge to go in before the end of the month – so get out and enjoy!


Steve at Ballater Cyclo Cross
Steve at Ballater Cyclo Cross


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