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Paul at Swordale


Ride Reports - Tiumpan Heaad Loop

03 February 2008

Tiumpan Head Loop - Click here to view route maps etc

Great ride today with Beastie and Gavin along the cliffs of point, although it was touch and go with the wind at some points!

I haven't ridden out there in a good while, nice and low intensity, and made for some great strength work and trials/balance skill type riding. Bless my days of BMX for those skills, they never leave you!


Essentially we road clockwise round the Tiumpan Head loop, weather was amazingly kind - no rain but wind was a bit of a problem! I think we were all blown off at some point or other! Along the narrow section at Port Voller, Beastie was blown into a barbed wire fence and Paul was drenched by spray off a particularly large wave - you can imagine they got a lot of sympathy off me! Served me right for laughing - I lost concentration and nearly ended up in the drink!

Beastie showed us the rock where he broke his collar bone last year -
a jump off a rock 2/3 the way down a steep grassy slope which I
wouldn't have walked down never mind ride!

If only BMX's had been invented when I was a lad!


Paul heads for Lighthouse
Lighthouse here he comes!


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